Dice Roller is Live

Here’s a little tool for anyone who’s ever in need of rolling dice but doesn’t have a few good polyhedrons on hand: the Pair O’ Dice Games new Dice Roller.

Why? There are others out there (Wizards has a decent one). But none were exactly what I was looking for. Plus, being a web developer, I enjoy writing a little JavaScript for fun now and then.

This dice roller features high quality random numbers; rather than use the typical randomness built in to a programming language (and producing so-so results) I went all out and incorporated the Mersenne Twister random number generator (courtesy of some cool people from Japan). This is, last I heard, the same algorithm used by Wizards for Magic Online, as one example. Basically it just means that you can trust the dice results you get to be nicely random. Perhaps moreso than the results of certain people I know rolling real dice…

I’d like to improve the dice roller’s interface. Feedback and suggestions are all welcome in the comments!


    Comparing it to Magic Online might not be your best marketing strategy… :o)

    Mike Says:

    Looks awesome Scott! Now, maybe some dice images?


    Josh- Point. Though I think undeserved, a fair number of misguided complaints issue forth about the shuffler. Generally people who aren’t prepared to deal with something approaching truly random distribution.

    Mike- There are images! When you roll, at least.