Dominion Card I Would Like to See

Everyone who plays Dominion has a few ideas of what they think would be cool to add to the mix of kingdom cards. Pat and I were discussing a few ideas a while back and thought it would be neat to have a card called Sheriff that was basically a moat that gave treasure instead of cards. I think we agreed that it would most likely be a 3 cost card that gave two treasure but had the Moat reaction ability. Seems, at a glance, like this would be a decent card and we found it pretty thematic.

I was thinking about some card ideas and came up with a card I would like to see in the next next expansion (Seaside).

Lighthouse: Cost 3, VP Card/Reaction Worth 2 VP + Reaction as Moat.

We already have a new VP card in the form of the Duke in Intrigue thus I would guess that this card would be better in Seaside (that is of course is in part why I called it Lighthouse). I haven’t play tested this at all but it seems as though it is close to the way it would need to be if a card like this is actually possible. If it is worth any more VPs the card would need to be quite a bit more expensive and if it was any less it would be worth more VPs than your standard 1 VP card. It could be rebalanced to only be worth 1 VP but even at a cost of two that would likely be too good and I feel that it would never be worth buying.

Essentially I am hoping that they make some kingdom cards which are VPs and do something else. It’s possible they already have and that there are such cards (or probably just one card) coming out in Intrigue, I have no information on this.

What kinds of card would you like to see added to Dominion?


    Looks like I was wrong about them only adding in one more VP card to Intrigue since we now have seen three previewed. Still, I like this card idea and I think it would fit well thematically into the second expansion.