Dominion: Democratic Supply

Playing Dominion with a random supply can be fun sometimes, but inevitably requires slight editing of the random selection to ensure a range of prices and effect types. Here’s simple house rule inspired by that editing process that takes things a step further for more fun semi-random supply sets in Dominion.

It goes like this: grab the dark-blue-backed random pile, the same one used to generate a random supply – you’ll be using this to create the 10 card supply:

Deal cards to each player until 10 are dealt, then deal a card to the remaining players to even out the cards dealt, then deal one more card to each. Thus three players will have five each, four players will have four cards each, five players get three each, etc.

One at a time players put down a card, face up, that they choose for the supply, continuing around until 10 cards are chosen. Each player can see what's already been chosen before making their selection.

The player to the left of the player to choose the last card takes the first turn of the game.

Players are encouraged to try and balance the cards across the price scale, and to create a mix of cards which include at least one way to gain: extra actions, cards, coins, and buys. I’d recommend trying to include at least one attack card too, but this depends primarily on players’ tastes.

The beauty of this method is that each player gets a say in the card mix, while still having access to only a limited number of randomly dealt cards, which tends to result in a somewhat random yet playable set of cards.

I’ve playtested this a couple times with my group, and so far it’s been a big hit. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

    Mike Says:

    Yeah I’ve had fun with it so far, though you do have to ensure there’s a balance in costs. Sure, our last game had a higher than average income to compensate for the four 5 cost cards…but it would help if the only 2 cost option (think it was Chapel?) weren’t so underwhelming, especially in a low +action game.