Dominion: Intrigue – French Magazine Previews Three Cards

So for those of you who are like me and are eagerly awaiting the next Dominion expansion we have three of the cards that will be appearing in it. I have spoken a lot about Dominion and its expansions in the past. Here are the cards:

Masquerade: Cost 3, Action, Draw 2, every player must pass one card to the player on their left. Then you may trash one card.

Duke: Cost 5. VP card. Worth 1VP for each Duchy you own, so a deck with 5 Dukes and 6 Duchies is worth 6*3 + 5*6 = 48.

Ironworks: Cost 4, Action. Gain a card up to value 4. If you gained an Action card, +1 Action. If you gained a treasure card +1 coin. If you gained a VP card, draw +1 card.

See them at BGG.

Some people were concerned that this might be a mildly belated April Fools joke but Donald X. confirms in the post that these are cards to appear in the expansion.

They each create interesting decisions and situations that were not available before but they do so in different ways.

The Duke makes Duchies more useful which is interesting. Of course since it costs the same as the Duchies, someone going down that route is going to need to first make sure they have enough Duchies to make the Duke worthwhile.

The Ironworks seems very cool to me. As part of the decision of what to get will be based on what you need immediately rather than simply what you will want to draw in the future. This kind of interaction was lacking in the original game but I don’t feel it adds any major complications to the game.

The Masquerade is really the “wow” card of this collection. I can already think of one player who will love it and one player who will hate it. For me it seems interesting, making a bit of a mess of the game as players will no longer know who has what.

As I consider Dominion a borderline casual game, I enjoy this element of craziness. Also, the card will only appear in some games so I really don’t see it as being that much of a problem. Still, you should note that it is not an attack. Donald X. comments on the BGG post that they felt it would be too confusing if it was an attack because people would not understand what would happen if it got Moated (they don’t pass but still get a card, or are they skipped altogether, etc.).

They had commented that there were no “attack the player to your left” attack cards in this expansion but this card will often feel like that. When the player across from the player that uses this loses a Province and gets a Copper there will certainly be some complaining about this card.

Overall, I like what I am seeing. While some people are concerned that slowing Dominion down will dilute its charm I feel that making the game a tiny bit slower to make a player’s individual turn more interesting is an acceptable tradeoff. Also, having more cards that can effect other players but are not attack cards (Council Room from the original set, Emissary from the promo cards, Masquerade from Intrigue) helps keep attention focused when players are not taking their turn.

Let me know what you think!

    Colin Says:

    Those are pretty interesting.

    Of course, the situation you describe happening with Masquerade is kind of a one in a million (well maybe not that low of odds, but whatever) odds; assuming of course that you’re picking which card you’re passing to the left. It might make the Witch slightly sadder in games that both appear in, however, which makes me slightly sad. But I still like it – it increases the potential for randomness and I like that element in my games.


    You, of course, were the person I mentioned liking this card. :o)


    You are right of course, in most situations players will have a so so card to pass or a bad card to pass. It will be fairly uncommon for a player to have a had of dominating cards and be forced to pass on of them.

    Many people feel that this card was actually created to bone Chapel decks. While our group does not love the Chapel we have seen it be pretty good and apparently in many circles it is dominant. This card however will slow it down considerably since the idea of the Chapel deck is to only ever have good cards available until you start getting Provinces.

    Colin Says:

    That I could see, and frankly that makes it a pretty good card to be getting. I always feel that the less dominant one particular strategy is, the better chance of more strategies being relevant.
    Or more succinctly, more options = good. If people are expecting the Masquerade to open more things up than Chapel ownage, then it’s a pretty fantastic card.