Dominion Promo Cards at BGG

I already mentioned that BGG was going to be distributing the Envoy card for Dominion but I just noticed today that the Geek is now taking orders and not only do you get your Envoy cards (10 plus 1 for randomizing) for your 1 cent plus 4.99 shipping but you also get a copy of Black Market.

Click here to go to the BGG Store and order your copies!

The Black Market is a very interesting card. For its cost of three you get +2 Treasure and the opportunity to buy a card from the black market deck. “The what?” You may now ask. When the Black Market is in the game one card is taken from all unused Kingdom cards and shuffled into a deck. When a player plays Black Market they reveal the top three cards of the black market deck and may immediately buy one with the others going onto the bottom of the deck in any order.

This is a very intriguing card (it almost seems as though it should be coming out in Dominion: Intrigue it’s so intriguing, hehe) that very much feels like it is breaking the rules of the game. Of course, that is what we should expect with the cards coming out in the expansions, new ways to mix things up.

Even though the cards won’t ship for about a month, I’m still very excited. We haven’t played as much Dominion lately and I know that it is partly my fault. I still like the game but after playing all the good combinations and many of the bad combinations the game does get a bit old. I would not say bad, I still think it is an amazing game, but it certainly needs more options and these cards, along with the two planned expansions, will do just that.


    The designer commented in BGG forum that you can hone the black market deck for your group but they always recommend at least 15 cards in it. Of course with just the two promo cards there could be at max 17 cards in the deck so it really is not an immediate issue. I would say that once our group has an expansion I would recommend 15 or 20 cards per time the card comes up as a kingdom card and because of the way our group tends to like to play I would recommend choosing the cards that will be used randomly.

    My reasoning is that it will make the Black Market card different every time and slightly less random. With the promo cards and the first expansion there will be 52 kingdom cards and thus 42 cards that are not being used and could make up the Black Market deck. With limiting it in some way you get different markets each time, which I find interesting in and of itself, and you have a better idea of what you might see when you play the card (as you can pay attention to the cards that have gone by).


    Maybe start by drafting those 15-20 cards?

    Ehn? Ehhhhhhh? (using the Nick Yu school of sales talk)


    While not a terrible idea (some people “draft” which kingdom cards they will use for a particular game) it seems a tiny but excessive since you are just choosing which cards you are using in reference to a single kingdom card.

    Colin Says:

    Oh people are going to hate me in the games when I can Black Market a Witch.

    …and the Defense card.


    What’s funny is, I kind of had the same thought. Still, only have one Witch in your deck really isn’t that big of a deal.


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