Dominion: Seaside – A bit of info

Just an interesting tidbit from the Dominion: Intrigue instruction book.

According to the instructions from the first Dominion expansion the second Dominion expansion will not be a stand-alone game. Instead it will have 26 Kingdom Cards (which in and of itself seems a bit strange) but no Treasure, VP or Curse cards. It also says it will include some other things for use with “special rules” included in Seaside, though no more information seems available on this.

Originally it sounded as though all the expansions would be stand-alone but now it seems they have changed their minds. I also find it interesting that some people are hoping it doesn’t come out too soon as they want to get their fill of Intrigue first. In my mind this game can always use more cards and the more you have the longer it will take to get tired of it. Just me though.


    In general I would agree. But like in Magic, there are certain types of card effects (+cards +actions) that seem like staples, and while I don’t think they’ve exhausted that space yet it could eventually get hard to make more. Thus at least the idea of every expansion being stand-alone could be tough to keep up, without reprinting cards.

    After finally getting a chance to play it, I do think Dominion is incredibly expandable though.