Dragon Magazine Articles: What I Would Like to See

So far I think the articles for Dragon Magazine on D&DI have been pretty good. They have covered topics from traps to treasures including new player options as well as new DM options like new monster types. It got me thinking about what else I hope to see released online.

While I would love to see a new class fully released online I don’t expect that to happen. It seems that this will be limited, with the exception of previews or play test classes like the Barbarian and the Artificer, to the Player’s Handbooks (II, III, IV, dare I say V?). Still the first thing I would like to see more of is expansions of the current classes.

Yes, the Martial Powers book and the Divine/Arcane/Primal/etc. books will handle this kind of thing but there simply is so much room for more that articles seem a great way of expanding our options.

Since the Martial Powers book is right around the corner it seems that the classes that needs the most treatment right now are those which are non-martial. However both the Wizard (Illusionist options) and the Warlock (specifically the Star Pact) have had brief articles expanding their options already, and personally I would like to see something expanding the Paladin options and the Cleric options before other classes get a boost.

I would also like to see more race articles, in that they had one for Dragonblooded but nothing so far for the other races.

Certainly I would also like to see more magic items pop up in another installment of Bazaar of the Bizarre and I always think their postings about new kinds of monsters are interesting but I generally feel fairly confident in my abilities to make up new and interesting (or perhaps just annoying) creatures and would rather see my players have more options for their characters first.

What are you hoping to see pop up on D&DI? Leave you ideas below!

    Matt Says:

    This was a complaint that we’ve had in our group is the lack of feat options for caster types. There are some, but no where near the same amount of options the melee classes have access to at the moment. The issue right now is that I have 4 feats currently and only 2 is caster or Wizard related and I really don’t have any options left specifically in those areas and I still have 2 more feats to pick up until Paragon (of course it gives me the option to switch out the crap options I have now to obtain more Paragon feats sooner). But I would like to see more in that area.

    Divine feats need some love too. At first glance it looks like they have a lot of options, but then you realize that most of them are Channel Divinities that each one pertain to a different god. As such you can only ever pick one, the one that corresponds to the diety you follow. Outside of that, there isn’t much. Come to think about it, I don’t think there is a single Cleric specific feat in the listing currently.

    David Says:

    Yeah, a few articles would be good for arcane or divine. But at least arcane doesn’t have to wait until next July to get their book. :-p


    hmm i would like to see the soul knife class recreated in 4th. the class looked interesting.