Eclipse Phase – Available Now

Sort of…

First let me say, I do plan to get back to writing here soon but work has been beyond insane lately and I simply have not had the time to game enough (at least for my taste) much less write about gaming.

However, I did want to say that for those interested in the game, Eclipse Phase can now be purchased in PDF format!

What’s amazing is (and you can find out more about it here) the pdf only costs $15, or $10 if you get it along with the hardbound book.

It almost seems fitting owning the digital copy even though I don’t get to own the hardbound copy. Still, I have been dying to get my hands on this and even though my “hands” are technically not yet on it I have been able to start reading the rather massive tomb that they have put together.

So, if you find transhumanism intriguing or are just looking for a new sci-fi game go check this one out!


    I’m pretty psyched about Eclipse Phase! If I hadn’t already spent my birthday cash I’d consider ordering it now… though with my eye issues I’ll probably be waiting for the hardcover.

    Still, that’s got to be fast approaching!


    I finally saw the hardcover on a store shelf yesterday. Looked good, but it was more $ than I had on me at the time.

    james Says:

    definitely an interesting game. and I like the concepts and options.