Eclipse Phase – On the Horizon

I was checking out some Shadowrun stuff recently when I noticed a mention of Catalyst’s new upcoming SF/Horror game Eclipse Phase.

Here’s a really quick rundown:

What is Eclipse Phase?

  • The phrase eclipse phase refers to the point at which a virus has infiltrated and taken over a host cell, but before it’s outwardly apparent the cell has been subverted.
  • An upcoming SF/Horror role playing game from Catalyst Game Labs.

Why Might I Care About Eclipse Phase?

  • The human race has changed and transhumans have emerged from a technological singularity only to confront the product of their own arrogance, a violent AI race which nearly ripped Earth to pieces.
  • Created by Rob Boyle and co., who designed/developed the award-winning Shadowrun 4th Edition
  • Technological leaps meet political and social upheaval; the manuevering of various factions reminds me of a White Wolf game, and I consider political intrigue in a game can be a good thing indeed.
  • The core rules book is going to be in full color, which should really help illuminate the rich setting they’ve cooked up.
  • From the back cover:
    Your mind is software. Program it.
    Your body is a shell. Change it.
    Death is a disease. Cure it.
    Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

As Eclipse Phase isn’t out yet, you might try reading the interview at BlueAlien. You can learn about the Paranoia connection. Considering the game includes the ability to digitize, download, and backup your character’s memories and persona, I need to get cracking on my SF reading; I guess it’s a good thing I just purchased my copy of Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon. And then if you’re like me you’ll wonder whether you will need to choose between Eclipse Phase and CthulhuTech (or just try both?)

Finally, I find it interesting that Eclipse Phase is going to be under a Creative Commons license, which should allow fans to extend the game and liberally share it and their contributions.

Looking forward to Eclipse Phase, or have something to say about Catalyst Game Labs or SF/Horror role playing games? Chime in with a comment below!


    Sounds cool, I have always wanted to find a decent science fiction game. Course, it being a “modified d100” game kind of makes me a bit less excited. I doubt it could be as bad as d20 of course (this coming from someone who loves 4th Ed D and D) but in the past I have found d100 systems to be a bit off putting.

    Jim Says:

    but the rocket flares are a saving grace.


    All right Jim, I’m a little stumped- is that a reference to Battlelords?