Eight Player Dominion?

A while back it was mentioned on one of the BGG forums that Dominion: Intrigue would have rules for playing with up to eight players but that the eight would be divided into two “tables” of players. I made some kind of snide comment (you can search for it if you want) saying that the rules would be “to play with eight players, divide the Kingdom Cards in half and play two games!” but after popping over to Rio Grande today I noticed that yes, indeed, they are touting Dominion as an eight-player game.

From their web site:

Dominion: Intrigue adds rules for playing with up to 8 players at two tables or for playing a single game with up to 6 players. This game adds 25 new Kingdom cards and a complete set of Treasure and Victory cards. The game can be played alone by players experienced in Dominion or with the basic game of Dominion.”

Still the “single game with up to 6 players” almost does imply that the eight-player rules are kind of silly. I guess the real question is, do the two tables interact in any kind of way?

In my comments on the BGG forum I did mention Werewolves of Millers Hollow. In the expansion for this party game there are rules for having multiple towns (in the base game there are townsfolk and werewolves in one town, the werewolves kill the townsfolk and then the townsfolk kill one of their own trying to guess at who is/are the werewolves) and I wondered if the expansion for Dominion would have some kind of similar rules. Still, I don’t quite see how it’s possible.

I wanted to mention that earlier this week I got my copies of Envoy and Black Market. I haven’t played with them yet, and am currently thinking I might keep a moratorium on playing Dominion until the expansion comes out. Adding two new cards won’t make the game that much different but when the expansion comes out I will have 27 new cards to play with instead of 25.

Going up to six players in a game does change a few things, it makes attack cards a bit more powerful (unless the six-player rules include some kind of “range” for attacks) but having two tables that interact in some way almost seems as though it would need a different set of cards or some other way to trigger a player switching domains (domains… get it?).

This could introduce some interesting situations. If a player could be moved to a different table mid-game they would have different cards (presumably completely different kingdom cards). For players looking for some craziness in their Dominion games, this might be great.

This is all just speculation but I am a fan of such things and thus I write about it here. I almost think you would need table-switching to be on some kind of timer since play would be moving at different speeds at the two tables. Possibly after ten minutes a card is drawn from both tables that indicates a seat and the players in those two seats switch. If the game is still going after another ten minutes the same thing occurs again. I guess, if we don’t like the rules the designer has come up with we can always make up some of our own!


    Over at BGG Donald X confirmed that the eight player Dominion rules are nothing more than instructions to play two games if you have eight people that are interested in playing. It sounds as though some victory point cards are added to five and six player games which is why with two sets (basic plus intrigue) you can play with eight players but not up to twelve.


    Or you could add the Shark and Kibitz ala Cosmic 🙂

    Of course Cosmic is, in my experience and with the, admittedly, gloriously over the top triple-power house rules, too crazy with six players to consider adding more.

    Though that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to try anyway.


    The new cosmic starts with five players in the base game but I am fairly certain (based on the look of the destiny card decks back) that they plan to expand it eventually up to eight player.