Funny Anecdote From D&D

I’ve told this story a couple times over the past week and thought maybe I should just write it up for the blog as other gamers may find it amusing.

Last Tuesday we finished our first 4th Edition Dungeon with the players confronting the Gribb Witchdoctor Rikshock and his minions. Upon entering his rather nasty looking quarters they discovered that both he and his minions were in fact on the other side of a ten foot wide crevice in the floor. Across the crevice was a thin wooden plank. The only thing on their side of the room was a desk.

So, the players all roll initiative and begin taking their actions. The cleric charges forward and leaps across the pit, turning undead as he goes and causing several of the Gribb leader’s minions to fall over. The rogue dances behind the desk and tries to flip it over for cover. Failing this he scratches at his horns and pretends he meant to do that and then acrobatically scampers across the plank the following round. The ranger gets into position and uses his fey step on the next turn to teleport into the midst of the enemy. The wizard shrugs and doesn’t bother trying to get over the gap.

Then we have the paladin. Oh, the places we will go when wearing plate mail. Getting a running start our heroic defender charges forward, leaps into the air, and crashes down ten feet into the pit.

What made all of this even more terrible is that the cleric went down almost immediately and the only way to get him back up was for the paladin to kill something and use The Raven Queen’s Blessing. So from the pit the rest of the group hears, “Don’t touch that last skeleton, it’s mine!“.

I have to say, most people seem to be enjoying the new system quite a bit. I have some other role playing related news to go into at some point but I think I will wait another day on that. If anyone else has any funny gaming stories, especially funny stories from 4th Edition I would love to hear about them!