Heroscape, Shadowrun and Other Things That Make My Time Disappear

I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately and they have taken up the time I would normally be using for ranting about some random D&D thing… er… I mean “writing for the blog”.

I was actually going to write a post about the changes to the Skill Challenge system for D&D but then I looked the changes over again and realized that essentially all they did was make the standard difficulties easier (something most people were smart enough to do on their own) and make the Failure Number always three (number of failures the players need to roll to fail the challenge) instead of being half the the number needed to succeed. This particular decision I don’t understand at all as it actually makes most of the challenges (especially higher level challenges which need a lot of successes) a lot harder. I have to assume it was done because they lowered the difficulties.

I have a skill challenge that I like a lot coming up in my game, it uses the old system (and some house rules) and I’ll probably write about it after my players encounter it. Oh, also they no longer force all players to participate in skill challenges and they don’t use initiative order. Both of these are fine but it does make the DM have to be a tad more creative in that a skill challenge is certainly better when there is reason for all players to participate.

My wife gave me the new Heroscape guys I was missing as a late anniversary present (not as late as her presents which she still hasn’t received) so I plan to play some of that soon. It also got me back into working on my Heroscape Missions rules, which are basically an offshoot of the Heroscape Quests variant that can be found at Heroscapers. If there are any Heroscape fans out there, I highly recommend you check out Quests and if you like it, check out Missions when it gets posted.

For you Shadowrun fans, I’ve been trying to get into the Shadowrun mindset by working on some short fiction within the genre. I’ll probably be posting the first part of the story next week.

I know I’ve said this before but Minimum Wage is on its way! The original artwork by Nick Yu (co-designer of the game) is being scanned and modified and I just need to figure out how best to add the images to the cards. Mostly it’s all the not fun stuff for the game that is left, which is why it is taking so long to get it posted.

So, I’m sorry I haven’t spent much time ranting about Scion, Shadowmoor or Solos this week and hopefully soon I will be back to doing that, but there are some exciting things coming soon to Pair O’ Dice, they’re just taking a little longer than I would like.


    I guess they wanted to make sure low-end skill challenges weren’t faced with a too-low failure number? And to simplify the rule at the same time? Too bad it makes mid-level (or what I’m assuming would be mid) and higher challenges fraught with failure.

    I enjoyed playing Heroscape, the one time it happened, and have kinda been thinking about getting into it… but it’s become somewhat daunting, considering the number of sets that have been released.

    Looking forward to the Shadowrun short fiction! And Minimum Wage!


    Hehe, follow “playing Heroscape” link and you can see just how long I have been talking about Heroscape Missions and Minimum Wage.