History of the World – Rules Error Discovered After Years of Play

So, I was on BGG yesterday popping around and I saw this forum title: Reallocation: the uber card. This made me scratch my head as I have discussed just how bad I thought Reallocation was. This lead me back to the rules and to discover that we had been doing something wrong for all of the years we have been playing.

Interestingly the rule mistake does not effect anything except for Reallocation. The rule we have been playing wrong, because of me I am not afraid to admit, relates to how navigation is placed on the board.

In the rules, under Setting Up and navigation, it states:
If an ocean is listed, that Empire has navigation in that ocean plus all connected seas that can be reached from that ocean, even indirectly.

For some reason this indicated to me that when you had a navigation marker in an ocean you were considered to also have the seas. This meant that Reallocation was terrible since the most navigation any player ever has is Britain with four and Britain is not going to want to give up their navigation.

If I had read a bit further at any point over the past few years and examined the example I would have learned that I was wrong. Markers are in fact put into the seas and this is outlined very specifically in the example. What this means is that Reallocation, while perhaps not the “uber card” is a decent card as a player can simply reallocate the seas they do not plan to use.

Related to this mistake was another minor mistake, we had not been playing that players had access to indirect seas. This actually only comes into play for a couple of places on the board but it will change a tiny bit of the way the game plays.

We have yet to play a game implementing these corrections but I am sure we will soon. While History of the World has seen some lessened play over the past couple months, I am sure it will hit the table before too long if just to try out the new and improved (and less completely sucktastic) Reallocation.

I also wanted to link to this which is the page from the Ragnar Brothers that says they plan to release History of the World before the end of the year.

That’s all for now.


    Having only an older AH copy of the game without the newer Hasbro plastic minis, which I felt added a lot to the feel of the game, I’d welcome a nicely packaged reprint of History of the World.