How Best to Print Out Minimum Wage

So it’s finally out (announcement here). Phew, it has been a long road to get here but I have finally managed to get Minimum Wage up on the blog for any and all who would like to download and check it out. If you haven’t see it yet, just click here.

So, Now What?

When you navigate over to Minimum Wage you will see two PDF files. One is the rules, a two page document that explains how to play the game.

As it becomes important there will also be an FAQ on this site but for now simply e-mail me with any questions that come mind. While I have tried to make the rules as simple, straight forward and untangled as possible there are always going to be things that were missed.

My Minimum Wage Decks
My Minimum Wage Decks

The second PDF is the actual game. In Minimum Wage there are two decks of cards: the 40 Hour Deck and the Overtime Deck. Each player has their own 40 Hour Deck but you share a single Overtime Deck. Both of these decks can be found in the same document.

What about “random” cards when the cards are identifiable by their color? Some people will balk at the idea of printing cards on different color paper because several cards ask for a random discard or some other random card to be chosen and a player could tell what deck a card came from by its color if these printing instructions are followed.

This has never been a major issue in our play group for a couple reasons. One, the game is silly fast paced and not to be taken seriously and two, there are still easy ways to choose randomly. One way to choose randomly is to have the player choosing close their eyes and grab a card and another is to assign numbers to the cards and roll a die. Both work well and have been used by our group.

In my opinion your best bet for printing out and playing Minimum Wage is to print both decks on normal paper and then head over to your local Kinkos and make several copies of the 40 Hour Deck (up to six depending on how many people you plan on playing with) and a single copy of the Overtime Deck on card stock paper. I also recommend that all the decks be printed on different color paper. The reason for different color decks is to easily identify which deck the cards go back in when the game is over and the reason for the card stock is to make the cards feel more like actual cards.

Once you have all the cards printed you need to cut them out. This is by far the most annoying part of playing Minimum Wage but at least you only need to do it once. (I on the other hand have now printed out three copies as changes were made.) You can simply cut them out by hand, doing your best to keep to the lines so that the cards are even or you can get a home paper cutter, I have used both options for cutting out my cards.

And After All That?

That’s it! Once your cards are printed out just read the rules and play the game! It’s simple and it’s free! Well, it does cost about five bucks to make the photo copies needed but other than that the game is free. Check back regularly for any rules updates or expansions (we have two expansions in the works already!) and I would love to hear what people think of the game!