I Don’t Usually Post This Kind of Thing But…

At this point I am sure that most of you who care to know, know that a film version of The Watchman is coming out. If you click here you can learn a bit more about the nearly three hour feature that will apparently have additional footage added for the DVD release (as they claim it is animated I have to assume that the added footage will be the comic book being read through the Watchman story but it did not say specifically).

Watchman certainly shows what can be done with the Superhero genre but also shows us just how screwed up the idea of Superheros is. Sure, it can be a nice idea but when you really think about it, it takes a really messed up individual to go out and try to physically save the world.

Of course in a way that is why a lot of people love role playing games. Often the solutions in RPGs are physical, with violence solving the problems. I don’t mean to say that gamers are violence-seeking people but rather that real problems tend to need to be struggled through rather than overcome by action and many of us enjoy escaping into a world where action can “save the day”.

So, go ahead and check out the trailer below. It got me excited about the movie and as most of my friends know, that’s pretty hard to do.