Last Night on Earth FAQ and a Tiny Bit of Dominion Info

I have a few pieces of info I wanted to share but neither really felt like they deserved their own post so I crammed them together. It’s days like this that I wish we had a twitter on this blog…

Last Night on Earth

I haven’t gotten around to posting my review of Last Night on Earth but it has become one of my favorite “just for fun” games. Unfortunately a few of the cards are a tad ambiguous and it was kind of hard to find info about them that felt “official”. Now Flying Frog Productions has a Wiki for fans of their games. While I don’t think the Wiki will answer every question that every player has, it is a source for information to smooth over a few of the game’s rougher patches.


According to a post on BGG that the designer responded to, Dominion: Intrigue – the first of two full expansions coming this year for the game – will have rules for playing with five or six players. Currently the best way to play with more than four players is to purchase an additional copy of the game, but this isn’t a very cost effective option. Since the expansion will have everything one needs to play in it and thus there will be extras of the treasure and vp cards it is not possible to play with more players.

Technically you could play with up to eight but the designer has stated that in the case of that many players, it would be best to play two separate games. I have to agree. I wonder though what they mean by “rules for five or six players”. What I mean is, will the rules need to be changed in any way?

One concern I had when first playing the game was about the attack cards in games larger than four players. Since attack cards attack all other players they become more powerful the more players in the game. This makes me think there might be some kind of range when playing with more than four players. For example, perhaps you only effect the players next to you when you play an attack card.

This will certainly change the game and in some ways may change the feel of the game but something like this feels necessary. For example, in a game with Militia and no mote you would have to go through five other turns before your turn came up and it seems like most of the time you would end up with three cards for your turn.

Another concern they may need to address is decks running out. Since this ends the game the game could end up being rather quick. I wonder if it will be something like the Province deck plus one other deck or four other decks (instead of the current which is the Province deck or three other decks).

I enjoy speculating quite a bit and that is all this is. I may end up being way off on all of this but we’ll see. Feel free to sound off about your own speculations!