Life is a Four Letter Word

I haven’t posted in what feels like forever but I have been dying to get back into it. My job took an interesting turn recently that resulted in me having slightly less free time than I am use to but did cut down on my stress levels a bit. Combining that with my new pets (three rats named Bartleby, Loki, and Rufus, of whom I plan to get some pictures of up here at some point) I have been a bit busy as of late. Perhaps not as busy as Scott but I’ll let him talk about that if he so chooses.

Before the holidays I posted about some of my picks for best party games. I would like to add two more to that list as I now own them and have played them both several times.

Wits and Wagers

Several people mentioned to me how good this game was so I had to check it out. It is in fact a lot of fun. Scott and I use to get a kick out of playing two-player Trivial Pursuit late into the night and this almost gives me some of the same feel as those late nights of laughing our butts off about the strange and sometimes too easy questions that game offered.

Wits and Wagers is not a hard game. In fact you really don’t need to be a trivia person at all to do fairly well at it. The questions are often so obscure that no one knows the answer and thus everyone is just guessing to try to get as close as possible without going over.

The only problem pointed out by anyone I have played it with is that the final round is “All In”. The early rounds limit you on how many chips you can bet but the last round allows for you to bet as much as you wish. This is similar to Final Jeopardy and is not an uncommon concept however it does sometimes result in people feeling that the only question that matters is the last one. Still the game is fun and informative and can easily be picked up and played by any group.

Gift Trap

This was the other game I picked up for playing over the holidays. It has actually become a bit of staple of our group as of late. The main problem I see with Gift Trap is that it is much more fun when you know the people you are playing with and can become random and dull when playing with a large group that is only mildly familiar with each other.

The first game I played was with eight people and I only really knew about two of them as more than casual acquaintances. After that first game I was not very impressed at all. However after having played it some more with my wife and some of my closer friends I have concluded that the game is quite enjoyable.

A game of Heroscape

Looking Ahead

There are several things that I would like to work on and get up on this site as soon as I can. One of them is my own personal version of Heroscape Quests. Heroscape is a great game but for my group the Quests variant that can be found on proved far more interesting and fun. While I think their version is awesome, I have been adding new more bizarre quests to our mix for a while now.

Recently I revamped a number of the basic rules and while I think their version is still great and everyone should check it out I think some people may find my version entertaining as well.

Heroscape miniatures in closeup during gameplay

Along with this I want to get some pictures of the Heroscape boards I have built up (edit: I happened to have a few photos from our 2005 game in my archives – Scott) and possibly discuss some of the board games I have been playing lately. I also recently picked up Scion: Hero by White Wolf and that RPG may justify some comments.

I also played in the Morningtide pre release (going 3 – 0 – 1 since I always offer a draw if I am 3 – 0 for round four). Morningtide looks like a great set and I feel I will need to talk about it at some point.

The last thing that I would like to get up on this site at some point is a silly little card game designed by myself and a friend of mine. It’s called Minimum Wage and was actually designed while we were working a menial job shredding paper one summer. If I can get it into an easily downloadable format I want to make it available for anyone to try out.

There’s more to come from Pair O’ Dice so keep checking back – or consider subscribing to our RSS feed (hit that big orange button over there… go on, you know you want to)!

    Scott Says:

    If I’m busy, I guess it’s for a lot of reasons, but Life is a good one.

    Trivial Pursuit is fun late at night, even with only a couple people! In fact, I think late night is the only time I like to play Trivial Pursuit any more. Best enjoyed with sugar.

    I’ll probably be the only other person to appreciate it, but I am looking forward to seeing Minimum Wage make a comeback (also a game best enjoyed with sugar).

    Ojiepat Says:

    I enjoy Minimum wage, having played it several times recently. And it’s not just because my lifetime record is 4-2. 😉 It’s a fun(usually short) game. I give it a thumbs up.


    I would like to say that no matter what the title of this post may imply, my life really isn’t all that bad. “Life is a Four Letter Word” has always just been one of those things I say when life is busy and complicated. I feel now I should have explained that somewhere in the article. Meh.