Magic Q&A: Deathbringer Liege

Time to tackle a Magic: the Gathering rules question.

Q: My opponent has one creature, untapped. I have a Deathbringer Liege in play. If I play a black and white spell, can I destroy my opponent’s creature?

A:Yes. When you play a spell that is both black and white you get to trigger both of the liege’s abilities. Just like you get to take two counters off of a Shrewd Hatchling for playing a red and blue spell.

The trick to blowing up your opponent’s creature this way is in the timing. The stack is LIFO, and the triggered ability for playing a black spell checks whether the target creature is tapped when the ability resolves.

Thus you want to place the black triggered ability on the stack first. Then place the white triggered ability on the stack. Resolve the white ability and tap your opponent’s creature, then resolve the black ability to destroy it.

    Mike Says:

    Joe and I were both partially correct in our arguments. I stated that there was a stack, and that if he tapped using the white ability first, then it wouldn’t work. He said it wasn’t a stack. But he was correct in stating it’s possible (as you explained) to destroy an untapped creature, he just didn’t go about it correctly.

    Now it makes sense to me, thanks for explaining.


    You bet. I figured there may be others out there facing similar questions. Actually I’m sure that’s true considering the card’s “official rulings” say much the same thing.


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