Magic the Gathering – Spotlight on Reach of Branches

Magic the Gathering: Reach of Branches rare
I feel the need to mention that I am currently recovering from surgery. Not to get into the gory details of it but I had a cornea transplant last week. I’m determined to keep up with the blog as much as I can but seeing is a bit rough right now and most likely I will need to keep my posts short. I am just now able to look at a computer screen without wearing sunglasses as my eyes (well eye really since the one is still under a patch) are just now adjusting to light.

Reaching for something to write about

One of my favorite cards from Morningtide has got to be Reach of Branches. It may not be the flashiest card out there but that just means you’re more likely to get it in a draft. Especially since it’s not really worth splashing even though it only takes one green mana to play.

So what is Reach of Branches? First of all it’s green, a color I am not always partial to but that I have enjoyed for the most part in the Lorwyn block. It is also an instant, which is always a good thing and a Treefolk instant at that. It costs five mana, which can seem a bit steep but of course that all depends on the effect.

The effect: a 2/5 Treefolk Creature token. Not a great deal for five mana. Until we note that the spell can be returned to our hand by simply playing a forest. Now we have something.

So what does this all get us?

I have played this spell as many as four times in a game and it has allowed me to turn the tide more than once. When a green player is playing elves and has three mana open, people know to expect a couple of 1/1 ambushing elves but rarely do they anticipate your first 2/5. This can often lead to a free kill. Like I said, being an instant is always a plus.

Another nifty fact is that because it’s a Treefolk spell we can cast it for one cheaper with Bosk Banneret. On a couple of occasions I have managed to drop the first token on turn four and thus been able to hold back a forest for the express purpose to snatching Reach back into my hand.

Beyond all this I like the fact that those rather useless late game lands become 2/5 Treefolk instead of their normal flood of nothingness. Oh and the token is also a Shaman which could matter… though I can’t say it has for me yet.

I have been playing a lot of Magic since my surgery. It was one of the first things I felt able to do, being able to close my eyes when it wasn’t my turn made it easier even than watching TV. In my recent drafts I have actually done fairly well, surprising since I am down to using only one eye. I almost think this has helped me in that it forces me to pay more attention than I often do.

I have yet to put together a full on Treefolk draft deck and I wonder how effective they are. If anyone out there has had any experience with a Treefolk deck in a draft I would love to hear about it!

    Scott Says:

    I don’t know about draft, generally being a non-drafter myself, but for the small league I’m playing in I currently have at least one deck canvasing almost any given Lorwyn creature type… except Treefolk. My Treefolk card pool isn’t great to begin with, and aside from being tough I can’t seem to get them to, well, do anything (other than the aforementioned “being tough” which somehow doesn’t seem enough).

    Though I have seen a couple Treefolk abilities which make such a deck look desirable, such as making the rest of your Treefolk indestructible or kinship which allows them to be played for free. So there’s still an outside shot for my as-yet-unmade Treefolk deck, as we open up the remaining league boosters.

    Oh, and I almost forgot Weed-Pruner Poplar… but of course the three of those I own are being put to work in another deck 🙂


    So, I decided to try to play Treefolk and ended up with what I considered a rather poor deck. No real bombs other than the Witch (which isn’t even THAT much of a bomb and since only about half the deck ended up actually being Treefolk it wasn’t even a total bomb) and a lot of mediocre cards over all. Still I can’t complain since I ended up coming in first… A whole pile of tough bodies can really carry a deck sometimes I guess.


    I should mention that I played another Treefolk deck in a draft that had a lot of powerfull cards and looked amazing on paper (it actually included Reach as well) but I ended up coming in fourth place with it. It was kind of sad.

    Scott Says:

    Out of curiosity, what do you think was the biggest flaw? Slow?

    (Not that fourth place is horrible, but I know you frequently place higher.)


    Honestly it was bad luck. My draws looked good (I sometimes keep bad draws because I hate to mulligan but that was not the case here) but then didn’t pan out. One of them had three lands but then I drew only two more spells in the next ten cards and the other just wasn’t what I needed when I needed it.

    In drafts I sometimes do well and I sometimes don’t. I was on a high streek for a bit but lately I have been getting a lot of 2nd and 4th place finishes as well as my share of bomb outs.

    ryan Says:

    i have a treefolk deck that’s phenomenal it only need’s 7 new cards to be the sh*t e-mail me for the list at