Make Sure to Vote – A Quick Off Topic Comment

I’ve been wondering for a while about how much politics are appropriate on a blog like this and in general I have come to the conclusion that it should be as little as possible. I admit that if I were the sole operator of this blog more political commentary would pop up but as it is it feels like I should try to keep my non-gaming personal beliefs out of the way.

In a way I think that many role playing games do make political statements and to be honest I am fairly certain that some of these statements have actually influenced my personal beliefs. Shadowrun and Cyberpunk are excellent examples but there are plenty of others as well. Still, unless I was prepared to do a write up more about the political nature of it rather than the actual politics of it I feel there is a certain amount of impropriety involved.

On the other hand I do not feel it is wrong to tell everyone that they should get out and vote. Sadly, over the years I have met many gamers that do not vote, either because of lack of interest or pure laziness or some combination of the two. I will admit here that in some ways I too have fit into this category of gamer as I miss many local elections because I am simply not paying enough attention and not bothering to get involved.

So, let me say now that I have already voted today and I think all of you should get out and vote!


    Even I voted today, for the first time in my life 🙂

    Jim Says:

    I couldn’t get out to vote. being sick does that. especially when you can’t stand for more then a minute with out getting dizzy. 🙁