Millennium Ship Builder v1.2 Released for Silent Death

The Millennium Ship Builder just became a tiny bit better.

Here’s the goods on what has changed since version 1.0.1:

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when loading a ship design where an option was selected for tons and then the ship class was changed to a class where tons was not selectable.
  • Ship design URLs no longer use the [server] query string “?”, moving to a client-friendly “#” query string instead. Old URLs will be continue to work but be redirected to the new style.
  • The main URL bar now updates parameters automatically, and the extra field with the ship design’s bookmarkable URL has been removed. To save or share your design simply copy the URL from your browser’s address bar; this should avoid confusion between the two different URLs as the main one is now always up to date. It also makes saved ship design URLs usable in offline mode…
  • The application works seamlessly offline, and automatically updates when you’re online again. Note that reloading the page in your browser while offline may cause the application cache to be cleared and the app unavailable until you’re online again.
  • Ship designs can be reset offline, using the Start over link.

Some of these changes were actually released a little while ago for version 1.1, which was quietly pushed out while I was still in the midst of working out some details of offline mode, but at this point I’m more confident that offline mode should work (without any effort on the part of the user).

As always if you think you’ve found a bug, or just have some feedback, leave a comment. Enjoy!

    mike Says:

    Great update! Can’t wait to create new ships…or “the one” ship, heh.


    Thanks Mike. When I get time I think implementing the costs for the optional rule Variable Speed Torpedoes will be next, which along with “terrain” (asteroids, wormholes, or something else) will be instrumental in making sure our next game doesn’t become a ridiculous torp-fest.