Minimum Wage Pre-Release Primer

I feel a little bad about the rather minimal time I have spent working on this blog lately and while I have reasons for my absence I can’t say they were all good reasons. Feel free to read my tangent along the side for a bit more info on that.

The one good reason I have not been working on this is that I have been working on it, that is to say, I have been working on the final touches to Minimum Wage!

What is Minimum Wage?

I’m not going to give everything away here as there really is a lot of interesting design information I would like to talk about over the course of the next couple weeks but before the game “goes live” I
wanted to give our readers a taste of what they can expect.

Along with finishing up Minimum Wage I have had a couple other major distractions lately. The first was that I direct the local Rocky Horror Picture Show for Rochester NY and Halloween is a pretty major time for us. So that took up a lot of time up until and then slightly after Halloween. To follow that came another distraction in the form of Wrath of the Lich King as I am a World of Warcraft player. So, for the past four days I have been rather glued to my computer but I have not gotten any major blog activity done.

Hopefully in the next week I will find time for all my interests. One sad thing to note is that my Shadowrun game has gone on indefinite hiatus. While I love Shadowrun and have had some success with running it in the past this particular game just could not seem to get off the ground and with the holidays coming up it seemed best to set it aside. I am still running a weekly D&D 4th Ed game that takes up time however.

Incidentally I must say that I am intrigued by Eclipse Phase and will almost certainly have to check it out when it becomes available. I have been trying to get Scott to read Altered Carbon for a while now and find it interesting how the adventures of Takeshi Kovacs lines up with the concepts presented in Eclipse Phase. Yes… more distractions…

Minimum Wage is a card game that myself and Nick Yu came up with a number of years ago. In fact the version you will be seeing is version 4.0. Besides the silly value (so many games seem to be on 4.0 these days) there are legitimate reasons I call it that and I will discuss those at a later date. Still, the game has gone through several major revamps since its original inception.

The game is very simple and is meant as a filler between longer games. Sort of like playing Fluxx or Gother Than Thou. Hopefully people will find that while it is simple it is also fun but only time will tell. One of the best parts of the game is that it is absolutely free!

When the game is released a detailed description of how best to print out the cards will be posted (not that printing out cards is too complicated but I feel like being as helpful as I can) and that will be the only cost (the actually printing) to you and your friends who want to play the game. While this will take some amount of effort I really hope people will give it a try.

When Will it “Go Live”?

The plan was to have it ready for release today but a couple last-minute snafus with the artwork caused a minor delay (that’s right, some cards have artwork!). Still, it should be ready for posting in the next couple of days and certainly before the end of the week.

Final Words

Once the game is up feel free to comment on it, positive or negative. Do try to keep in mind what kind of game it is trying to be as I certainly understand that kind of game is not for everyone but don’t be afraid to tell me what you think.

Another bit of warning I wanted to send out is that some of the humor on the cards is a tad crude (though not as crude as it originally was) and if you have small children that are interested in checking it out you might want to read through the cards before you print it out for them. I like to think that the wording rides the line and doesn’t in fact go “too far” but certainly that line rests in a different place for all of us.

Until next time! I’m off! (Can you tell I’m excited about this?)


    I’m looking forward to the release of Minimum Wage for several reasons, including that it will mark the start of us offering fully playable, original games here at Pair O’ Dice Games!


    On Altered Carbon, I have to admit it was a combination of Josh’s recommendations and then seeing it referenced by the designers of Eclipse Phase… I figured I was overdue at that point.

    …not bad so far (just started), by the way!


    All three of the Takeshi Kovacs books relate well to Eclipse Phase. While the first book is certainly my favorite the third is also really good and the second is okay. 13 by Morgan is a pretty good book as well but is not set as far in the future. I never finished his other book however…