More Dominion Intrigue Info

We already have a pretty good idea where they are trying to take Dominion from the discussions and comments over at BGG but we get an even clearer look from the three cards previewed in Finland and translated by some fine folks for us.

The three cards are: Harem, Pawn, and Great Hall and they all look to add something interesting to the game.

  • Harem:
    Cost = 6
    +2 coin
    2 VP
  • Pawn:
    Cost = 2
    Choose two (not same twice)
    +1 coin
    +1 action
    +1 buy
    +1 card
  • Great Hall
    Cost = 3
    +1 card
    +1 action
    1 VP

Cards that require a player to choose are one of the new aspects this expansion adds to Dominion. While there is some fear that this will slow the game down, some fear it will lead to arguments as all choices need to be announced before any are carried out. I have hope that gameplay will be more dynamic and will overshadow these slight issues.

The other new aspect of this expansion seems to be cards that are worth VPs but also do something else. I am uncertain how this will impact the game as a whole but I suspect some games will have a much more steady feel as players are able to take a few VPs here and there rather than simply grabbing a bunch once their deck gets good enough, then slowing down again as the deck becomes encumbered.

Needless to say I like what I have been seeing and I am excited about getting to try this.

    Colin Says:

    I really really am enjoying the idea of choosing options on cards. If Pawn is the benchmark, they look really versatile. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had cards in my hand that don’t quite do what I want; and the Pawn there should help to alleviate that. Pretty swanky.

    ojiepat Says:

    While I agree that the choices thing is cool, I suspect that you’ll have to avoid those cards for the first bunch of games for anyone new or the game will get bogged down and require much cross boarding to help the newbies. Pretty much it seems that they will diminish the “easy to pick up” aspect of the game somewhat, IMO.


    To be fair Intrigue was designed to be more complicated. Essentially the base game is meant for beginners and this is meant for more advanced players. Thus, I agree, these cards would not do well for teaching the game but it will probably only take a couple games with the base set before a new player can get the hang of it and then start adding in the more complicated stuff.


    Apparently Harem as is written above is slightly incorrect. As it states it is not actually an Action Card that gives two coins (thus the +2 is slightly misleading) as it is a Treasure Card (in addition to being a VP Card). This actually makes it better in most cases as it will not need to be played as your action but will instead simply be worth two treasure in the same was as a Silver is two treasure.


    Apparently the new Reaction card works something like this: Play in response to an attack, draw two cards and then put two cards on the top of your deck.

    It is called Secret Chamber but the Action portion is as yet unknown.

    It sort of makes me wonder if this is any better than simply blocking the attack with a moat…