My Brief Return to Magic

Sunday Morning found me awake fairly early. Recently I have been sleeping better and thus sleeping in but this Sunday the alarm went off at our normal weekday wake up time and I never got back to sleep.

So, I wandered downstairs looking for something to do and decided to sign on to Magic Online and after a bit of waffling I decided to give it a go.

This experience reminded me of the reasons I left Magic Online in the first place. Mostly, I don’t find the game as fun as I once did but the insane expense of it combined with the bomb cards that make many drafts end in rather uninspiring ways didn’t help any. Still, there was one new cool thing that made me decide to play the draft and I wanted to mention it here.

Wizards through Magic Online now offers Swiss Drafts. If you follow the link you can read more about it but basically a Swiss Draft allows you to play in every round of the draft, win or lose. In the standard draft format of Magic Online a player is eliminated as soon as they lose a match which of course means you can be eliminated after only a single match, something I find quite frustrating.

With Swiss you are at least guaranteed three matches of Magic for the cost of your three boosters and two tix. Prizes are still awarded for this format but they are simply given out as one pack per win, no matter when those wins come. Thus winning all three matches would give you three packs but losing your first two and winning your third will still give you one pack.

I wish they used to have this format back when I played Magic Online but I don’t think that it will be enough of a draw to get me back into the game. The recent sets have been rather disappointing to me and the expense of playing regular drafts is still too great. However, I do like the fact that I could sit down and play magic for several hours with a single draft even when my deck ends up bad and I get thrashed in the first match.

So, if like me you have been away from Magic Online for a bit, maybe you should go back and check it out.


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    I’m not into drafting, but that sounds like a welcome change. At least you get more of a chance to play, for your money.