Netrunner: The Big Sell-Out

I just wanted to make a brief mention of excellent multiplayer rules for a game I have a special soft spot for: Netrunner.

The Big Sell-Out is a Netrunner variant for four (or more) players, pairing a runner with their corporate “sponsor” for cyber-hijinks in the vein of Magic’s Two-Headed Giant.

Netrunner was Richard Garfield’s third CCG design and probably the most fun I’ve had with a truly asymmetric card game – the runner and corp have completely different cards and different means of winning. It’s also an interesting combination of chess-like strategy (opportunity to plan your moves well in advance) with poker-like bluffing (at least for the corp, though expansions added hidden cards for the runner too).

An old game now, to be sure, but if you happen have access to some cards I recommend pulling them out to try multiplayer with three friends – the dynamics of The Big Sell-Out’s bit transfers alone are worth it.