New Rats

This is truly a bit of randomness but I really don’t care. Anyone that knows me knows I love rats. I find them to be incredibly fascinating animals that are also amazing pets. Recently my wife and I adopted two new baby rats that will be joining Bartleby and Rufus shortly. For now they are in a separate cage.


The new boys have been named Zeus and Odin. Zeus is the one with the lightning bolt mark on his forehead and we felt Odin kind of looked as though he has an eye patch. That, and they were both pretty cool names.

Come on, you can’t tell me these guys aren’t cute!

    Colin Says:

    Even if it was not actually the case, I’m going to always presume that Zeus was named after my pet Husky. As such, I and he thank you for the honor.


    If only Odin had a tiny pet raven 🙂


    Two raven’s actually. Huginn and Muninn were briefly considered as the names for the two new guys but Sara thought that while conceptually the names were cool… the actually names weren’t that great.


    I’d have to agree with that assessment. Of course, I’m not one to talk about pet names; two of our cats have been named after foods, and that trend is likely to continue when it comes time to get the next one 🙂