Obsidian Portal

I was poking around on Penny Arcade today and was informed about this nifty wiki-like site called Obsidian Portal.

I like world-building and the idea of being able to have players assist with it by posting on the wiki specifically devoted to my world seems pretty cool. If you have some time I suggest you check it out and possibly watch the video that they link to.

It should be mentioned that Obsidian Portal is not specifically about any role playing game and could even be used for writers who simply want to keep track of the background for their world. Of course in that case you would want to purchase the expanded features as you can only keep your world private if you pay, otherwise all worlds you create are public.

Interestingly, Gabe comments that he wonders why Wizards doesn’t have a site like this set up. It does seem that they could have an official version of this as part of Insider or even just part of the forums, however considering the difficultly they’ve had getting the pieces of Insider live, I doubt they are interested in new additions.

I’m still waiting on my Dungeon Builder

So check out Obsidian Portal or Penny Arcade, or both!


    (Co-Founder of Obsidian Portal here…)

    Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words.


    Thanks for stopping by!

    I plan to start working on an Obsidian Portal built world soon… course I plan a lot more than I can ever accomplish but I’ll hope for the best.


    Obsidian Portal does seem like a great idea. I may have to try it out for upcoming my Role Master campaign.