A couple weeks ago I decided to take a break from my Dungeons and Dragons game. I love the system, it’s such a vast improvement over 3.x (for me anyway) that I can hardly consider them the same game at all. Still, running a game can be stressful and I’ve been pretty tired lately.

So, Tuesday rolled around and instead of having D&D a couple of the members of the party and I got together and played a little BSG. While playing I mentioned the Origins Game Fair and joked about going to it. It really was just a joke, one I had actually made in the past, but Nick (as in the Nick from Minimum Wage) commented that he would be interested in going and Tom (the Tom who has purchased a number of the games we play – Agricola for example) said he might want to go (thought it usually isn’t his thing).

At any rate, the conversation drifted elsewhere and Origins didn’t come up again until Tom sent me an e-mail the next day asking if I seriously wanted to go. My recent exhaustion and (I must admit) irritability has worried some of my friends and Tom thought a little road trip might be good for me. So, while it seemed kind of insane to me, we made plans to trek out to Origins.

Shortly after the plans were made Nick got on board and then, to my surprise, Scott (as in the other guy that writes here) decided to join us as well.

This will be my first trip to any kind of convention and honestly my first road trip with friends. So, we will be heading out a week from Thursday and spending three days exploring Origins. If anyone out there has any suggestions of what I/we should do or see please let me know!


    Hey JOsh! GOod luck! have a great time… and try to visit the Studio2 booth (savage worlds, among other games) and look for Open Game Table… apparently they should have a bunch of copies on hand. I would be curious to hear (or even see) what their booth looks like!


    Not sure if I’ll have room for it, but I hope to bring my SLR and take some photos at the con when I’m not otherwise engaged.

    But for me this trip is more about having fun than documenting the convention, I’m not making any promises.