Our One Hundredth Post, My Return from Vacation, and Hasbro Responds to Mr. Goldfarb

This is the one hundredth post here at Pair O’ Dice! How cool is that? I wish it was something cooler… but oh well.

I just wanted to state that I am back from vacation. I was away for four days and before that I was mostly concerned with planning and preparing for said vacation. So, now I’m back and I will again be brining you the random rants, news and articles you have come to expect. As my Shadowrun game is starting very soon I expect you will see some info on that popping up shortly.

Before that point, here is Hasbro’s response to Mr. Goldfarb, the McCain staffer that randomly dissed all D&D players.

It’s a good response; civil and to the point. Really the whole thing was rather baffling as I mentioned before they were likely using it as a euphemism for internet junkies and bloggers.

Well, it’s good to be back. I have at least one new game I would like to try and review as soon as I’m able so keep a look out for that and as I said, Shadowrun is coming right up!


    Good to have you back, man. We all know I can’t run this place without you 🙂


    I got back and then immediately got sick with a nasty cold so I was kind of out of it all week. Hopefully this week will be a bit better.