Partying with the New Party

We had our first session last night after our near party wipe. Things went quite well and the players were able to see the usefulness of having two defenders as they were surrounded by a group of orcs.

We only had one combat encounter in the session but there was a skill challenge and some decent role playing. I think some of the players were a bit disappointed by how “dungeon crawl” the game had been so far and were pleased to get a chance to act and react to events in character.

As time has gone on I have become more familiar with the system and, almost more importantly, the system’s intentions. With this familiarity has come a certain amount of comfort and I no longer feel the need to have everything perfectly planned out in advance. For example, for yesterdays game I had a number of possible encounters set up but not specifically when or where they would happen. Mind you we didn’t get to most of them (or any if you consider that the first encounter and only combat was pre planned to happen when and where it happened) but I still have the statistics and groups ready for when and if they happen during the next session.

I have several posts I want to get up on the blog but have not had the chance to write or finish writing. I still want to get back to my Shadowrun Short Fiction of course but I also have several game reviews and discussions about creation of characters in a game like Shadowrun that I would like to do as well. Hopefully some of these posts will be popping up before the end of the week but life has been rather busy lately between work and home.

The more I play Dungeons and Dragons 4th the more I like it. While I don’t feel that D&D offers the best possible role playing experiences for most people I do feel it offers some of the most interesting and fun combat that is available and that role playing is possible if the group desires it.

So, things look good for the new D&D group. While it is a bit of a silly one in that it has two Teiflings, two Halflings, a Dragonborn and a Eladrin (no humans and only one that can maybe pass as human) it looks like the players like the characters and classes they are no playing so things should be fun!

    ojiepat Says:

    Fear the Halfling Fighter! they are sneaky and hard to hit!


    Indeed they are. While we only had the one combat the halfing spent about half the fight locking down three opponents while the the rest of the party took on the other five.

    David Says:

    Only because I can’t roll a d20 to save my life… as we saw when we nearly party wiped. 😉


    Well, to be fair Fighters are meant to tank multi targets while Paladins seem more about tanking the biggest guy and letting the rest of the party handle the puds on their own.

    Besides Dave, you took that crit to the face really well! That took some skill!

    Matt Says:

    Eladrin are just awesome for mobility. Not as much speed as an Elf, but their teleport really helped keep my low HP Wizard out of harms way the entire fight. Not to mention immobilizing and slowing enemies is huge for survivability and allowing group mates time to get into position.

    It’s not as much about status effects as I thought it was before, but it still quite enjoyable to lock down some enemies and do a little damage across multiple foes. Also getting into a position to lay down an area attack without hurting your allies takes a strategy and creativity which is a change from the pure melee Cleric.