Praise for Battleshop

I mentioned in my last post that I had not yet received my pulped tree format of the Shadowrun Companion.

I sent a message to Battleshop and only a few hours later received a message informing me that a mistake had indeed been made do to the package deal and the order would need to be processed manually. They assured me that the order would be sent out today.

While some may simply look at this as “Well, they should not have screwed up in the first place” I see this as a company very eager to correct their mistakes and do their best to make up for them. I find their prompt response very encouraging.


    Additionally after my order shipped Troy Garner, the gentleman taking care of the issue, wrote me again to inform me of the status change. To make things even more amusing he signed it “Troy Garner, Fixer”.


    Awesome. That’s customer service (as it should be) from a game company 🙂