Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

Over at the geek their is a bit of information about the next Race for the Galaxy expansion.

Upon reading about it I have to say that my excitement has dwindled. While the information is sketchy at best this expansion promises three things:

  1. The addition of a sixth player – This I am fine with. While our group only occasionally has need for a six-player game, the options are slim and thus having another is a good thing. This being a game where most of the action takes place at the same time it should only find the addition of another player to be a slight slow down. I would say that it won’t slow things down at all but that is laughable since more players means more decisions and more of a chance each round that a player will have a tough decision. Even in a game like this, more players means longer games.
  2. More story – The over plot of Race has never been all that strong or important in our group but this expansion is seemingly attempting to bring the plot forward by representing the battle between the rebels and the Imperium. I’m not really sure how I feel about this as there is generally so much going on that I find it hard to care about little things like story.
  3. More interaction between players – From what information I have gathered this expansion is trying to fix a “problem” that some groups have with the game. That being that it often feels like a group of people playing solitaire in the same general area as each other. For our group this is a good thing and we have generally felt that further interaction is not needed. However, this new expansion, due out sometime in 2009 claims that you will be able to attack and take over planets in other players’ tableau’s. This is something that disturbs me as aggression added to games like this has in the past depleted the fun and done more to detract than to add overall.

I will certainly purchase the Race for the Galaxy expansion when it comes out and hope for the best but I am very worried about what it will end up doing. I have plans to do a post about Carcassonne soon and part of that will be how the game became less fun for some of our group when more aggressive options were added to it. I worry that Race could take a similar route.

I would love to hear what you think so far!