Revenant Released for D&DI Subscribers

If you have a D&DI subscription you can head over to and check out Revenants.

It was announced a couple weeks ago that Revenants were to be a D&DI exclusive race and then later Assassins would be released as a D&DI exclusive class. As I said before this seems to be their attempt to bring value to paying for D&DI, since many of the originally-advertised features never materialized. However, from what I see thus far I’m not all that impressed.

To be fair, create a new race is tough. In older editions it use to be easier as there really wasn’t all that much to differentiate the races from one another. Now we have more racial feats, powers and paragon paths that help make an Elven Fighter feel different from a Dwarven Fighter, but still the races themselves are not, at least to me, all that fascinating.

One problem is that they have already released all the basic classes. The main races people felt were missing from the Players Handbook were the gnome and the half orc and since the Players Handbook 2 included both of these, there are not too many other races being clamored for.

The choice of Revenant is an odd one to me. First of all, it’s not really a race. It seems as though they could have easily made revenant a feat much like they did with dhampyrs. Also, there are other races out there that would have been interesting to see.

I do like the concept of D&DI exclusive content and I will admit it makes it more worthwhile for me to have paid for the service. I’m just not thrilled with their choices so far.