RftG Expansion Info

Click here for a bit more info about Rebel vs Imperium for Race for the Galaxy.

From the info over at the geek, translated from French mind you, it appears we finally know a bit about Conquest.  This info is still a bit sketchy and not fully fleshed out but it appears that yes, as feared by me and hoped for by others, you can indeed take over planets in other peoples’ systems.

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me. We had to put Loki, who can be seen here, to sleep last Monday. The poor guy had a tumor and his condition had been getting worse for some time. Along with that work has been rather insane. I hope to get back into working on the blog this week and just wanted people to know that I haven’t completely disappeared or anything.

Some in the community have been looking forward to this, citing that they wanted more direct interaction in the game.  While I appreciate the feeling, in some ways I have feared this “interaction” since it was mentioned several months back.  I worry that not only will it kill some of the feeling of the game, it will cause arguments and conflics within our play group.

Still, Conquest at least seems fairly limited.  From the information we have so far there seems to be only three cards in the game that allow for Conquest to take place and then only if you have a fairly high military strength.  I’m not certain of this but it sounds as though you need a military of equal to the planet’s strength plus the oponnent’s military strength.  Also it seems most cards that allow Conquest only allow for specific tableus or specific planets to be attacked.

While this does not sound as terrible as it could have been I am still uncertain about it.  If there is any way for two players to ever take over the same planet, I wonder how timing will come into play, as thus far this has been a game with virtually no timing issues; everything effectively happens at the same time.

The link on BGG also has one new start planet we hadn’t seen before and a pic of a six-cost development that does not have a question mark for VPs.  This is pretty interesting stuff as well.  Overall I am still excited for this expansion to come out but I am mildly apprehensive.  Hopefully if Conquest does work the way it sounds as though it will, and is as rare as it seems to be, it will not detract from the game for our group.


    Tom Lehmann has this to say about the conquest mechanic:

    “The takeover mechanic is done in such a way that players can easily play with or without it. We are well aware that players differ widely in how much they like or don’t like such direct interaction.

    However, with takeovers on, military conquest becomes a strategic variable that players get to manage in terms of how vulnerable they wish to be with regard to takeovers. This introduces some interesting risk/reward tradeoffs and endgame timing tactics.”

    This was posted on BGG. In another post from Mr. Lehmann he mentions that the conflict will intensify in the third expansion and the interactions of this sort will increase but that they will still be able to be removed if players dislike this kind of interaction.