RftG: More Info on the Expansion

I just want to follow up on my post from two weeks ago about the second Race for the Galaxy Expansion.

You can see a picture of the new stuff in the expansion here. From this picture we learn a couple things.

They are adding new Goal Tiles (originally appeared in the first expansion). Goal Tiles are not universally loved but I do enjoy them quite a bit. I like the idea that games will play differently and the Goal Tiles will hopefully help with this.

Frankly, a lot of the games lately have become slightly stagnant because most games seem to be won by the player that has the best (or only) strategy that involves the Consume x2 action. While I have no problem with this being a viable strategy I do feel that if it always wins there is a flaw with the game.

Another thing that we learn is that there are a lot of new things we know very little about. The designer has mentioned that there is a new game mechanic being implemented and BBG mentions that players will be able to attack planets in other peoples’ tableaus but we do not fully know how this will be implemented.

We can also see at least one new starter planet and it appears to be an Imperium world that has bonuses for taking over rebel worlds. As it is starter world 11 we can assume there are at least two other starter planets.

I have also seen mention of the Explore action being improved in some way. This seems like a necessary move on their part as currently Explore is the action of last resort. As it only gives you one more card than it is giving all of your opponents (in most cases), more often than not you are losing out when you play Explore. At least one of the games I played last night did not see a single Explore chosen during the entire game. I don’t think it is a great leap to say that this is a game flaw.

That’s really all I have for now. I do know at least one other person besides myself that will be happy to see the Goal Cards being expanded on but I am still concerned about the new mechanic and how it will change the overall feel of the game.

If you happen to know more about this expansion and can let us know I would love to hear it, even just linking to your blog or the place you found the information would be great!