Shadowrun – Right Around the Corner

I finally got my hands on Unwired for Shadowrun 4.0. It looks pretty good even if it seems to contain a bit more fluff and a little less crunch than Arsenal, Augmentation and Street Magic.

I’m also probably going to grab the Runner’s Companion Pdf/Hard copy combo deal so the group can take a look at the options presented there before we begin our game. I figure that having two copies won’t be that bad in the long run anyway and frankly I don’t feel like waiting to start the game until the hard copy hits the streets.

I also think people should take a look at the Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules. They were up for an award at Gen Con (that I’m pretty sure they didn’t get… which is too bad) and are pretty nice for a free download. If you have never played Shadowrun this will give you an idea of the system and just might make you want to dive into the game.

I have played a lot of games over the years and enjoyed them for different reasons. At some point I want to do a comparison between Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition and Shadowrun 4th Edition. In my opinion these two games are two of the best on the market currently but they are “the best” for exactly opposite reasons. Or rather, the designers took opposite angles and expounded upon them and yet both succeeded in creating an amazing game.

I’m working on the plot for my Shadowrun game as well as part two of my serial fiction. Part two is titled “Mistakes” but it most likely will not be available for another week or so as I have a lot of non-game things going on at the moment.

More Shadowrun info soon!


    Yeah, I really need to pick up some of those books myself soon, even reading Emergence only during breakfast I’ll probably get to the end before too much longer… and it’s been so long since I’ve read a Shadowrun plot book (Renraku Arcology Shutdown was probably the next most recent for me) I forgot how much I enjoy ’em.

    While I applaud the fourth edition rules as a huge step for Shadowrun and a great success, I’ll still miss the shadowtalk… but all those rules have to fit within the page limit somehow, so I’ll keep getting my fix from the plot books 🙂


    I thought that “shadowtalk” was the comments that “users” are leaving on different aspects of the book? I know the other books include this format even if the base book needed to leave it behind for space.

    Personally I almost prefer my base books to be rather light on fluff (though a better time line would have been nice…) as I want them to have as much game information as possible.

    Over all I still think that Shadowrun does about the best at mixing fluff and crunch. Too often i have purchased a book that was on a topic I was interested in only to find out it had few to no rules in it. At that point it feels like it would be easier just to make the stuff up myself rather than spend the time reading about their specifics of it.


    Yeah, for my birthday I got Augmentation, Arsenal, and Unwired – core rulebooks but certainly there is some shadowtalk, I guess it’s just the main book that skips it. Which, as you say, is for the best.

    While I wouldn’t say I feel need to adhere strictly to their world, timeline, and story, the texture is so rich I definitely enjoy soaking up details and flavor when they present it. For me the extra flavor immersion that comes from reading something like Emergence, whether or not I end up using their early ’70s plot, will probably help me improvise more readily as the Sixth World comes alive in my head.


    Hmmm, well that does remind me that I missed your birthday…

    Just to make me look worse I missed my mothers birthday as well. Yikes, I am neither a good friend nor a good son apparently.

    I actually should have remember yours though since i knew about when it was because your parents use to get you ski equipment for your birthday (or maybe this only happened once and I expanded it in my mind as I am oft to do) and I always found this kind of funny.

    Anyway… Happy Birthday!


    Thanks Josh!