Silent Death Ship Builder Now with Torpedoes (v0.7)

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the latest version of the ship design app for Silent Death, this time around torpedoes are the new thing!

Want to know what changed? Check out this list:

  • Added torpedoes as a weapon option, current and template maximum torpedo counts, and factored torpedoes into the damage track.
  • Fixed a minor ship template layout bug.
  • Fixed a bug related to changing weapon types after selecting a multiple.
  • On the technical side the Sass dependency has been dropped, in order to bring back the convenience of requiring nothing more than a browser to run the app (even offline). This dynamic may change again down the road, but I want to see how far I can get implementing features before involving server-side or compilation requirements.

Note that torpedoes can be defeated by point defense systems (added previously), as well as jamming, dodging, and other tactics, but the decoy ship options have not yet been implemented. Proceed with caution when using torpedoes in the meantime.