Silent Death Ship Builder v0.8 Released

Rolling out another upgrade to the Silent Death Ship Builder app with a few fixes and new features, I’m pleased to announce version 0.8.

Want the changes? Here you go:

  • Added decoys, another torpedo defense.
  • Added damage control ship option for repairing damage in the field – the rules say you can use this option at the end of your turn, as many turns as you like, if during your turn your ship did not take damage, you did not fire cannons, and you did not launch missiles or torpedoes.
  • Changed weapons to hide some stats like target speed restriction, range (for torpedoes), and excess firing arcs when they don’t apply, to make the weapon stats a little bit easier to read.
  • Tweaked layout to keep construction stats (costs, torpedo limit, slots) at the upper right in narrow browser windows, since they’re the numbers the eye might monitor while adjusting other controls.
  • Fixed a few other very minor layout issues.

With the addition of decoys all the standard torpedo defenses are available, making torpedo use fair game.

Finally, I’m interested in changing the name of this app from Silent Death Ship Builder to one perhaps a touch more original. I might go with something that still includes “Ship Builder” as it nicely describes the purpose of the web app, but it would be nice to differentiate this one from the old app built by Craig Marek available at Red Shirt Games.

Have any suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments!