Site Redesign Launched

Ready or not (hmm, the new design, or you the reader?) the new site design is up. I’ll take a quick spin through the changes, and also describe how you can help make it a success.

What’s Up With the Site?

A bunch, but I’m just going to talk about the design. Time has been scarce lately, and my schedule’s created long gaps between sessions of working up the new design. As a result it went through a lot of changes when I reworked things each time I returned to this project. In the end I decided it simply needed to see the light of day, and I needed to focus on making the text easier to read.

Most of the important changes centered around the latter, trying to improve legibility, contrast, etc. The other main changes include our new logo (finally we have appropriate branding) and the two-column layout on our homepage. For some time now we’ve been working on separating posts into two different types, Game Articles and Gaming News & Views. Now these sections are featured side by side on the homepage, with any luck this allows us to display more content in an accessible fashion so that it’s easier to locate the stuff you want to read.

Here’s Where I Make the Call for Help

Pretty simple really, this new design still has a few bugs to work out. Room for improvement, certainly.

I welcome comments below if you spot something that doesn’t look or feel right. If it’s a visual anomaly, please note your browser version. I don’t promise to fix all issues (read: there are some “broken” items which are purposeful) but I would like to hear what feedback people have, and any suggestions for improvement as well.


    Looks great! If it weren’t 2:30 in the morning, I might have something more interesting to say about it…

    Scott Says:


    And I just fixed a bug where category pages were showing an empty blue box if there weren’t enough posts to require multiple pages in that category (hopefully I was the only one who had a chance to see that bug 🙂 ).

    Joe Says:

    Hey Scott!
    The site is looking great. I do not see anything worthy of criticism yet but if I do, I will let you know.
    Keep up the good work!

    Scott Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Joe!

    Glad the new design seems to be working for people.

    Scott Says:

    Fixed the search results page, now it matches the style of the categories/tags pages. Good thing nobody uses it and I’m the only one who noticed the layout was broken there 🙂


    Woo! Our post avatars are now hex-based!