Smorgasbord of Gaming Goodness

This past weekend I got to play games with Scott for the first time in… well… a while. We played History of the World, Citadels, Boom Blox (yes, it’s a Wii game but it’s awesome!), Minimum Wage, and Vegas Showdown as well as playing the one shot Paranoia game I ran. All in all it was a pretty cool weekend.

To make things even cooler Scott gave me a copy of the Dune board game and another game called Halloween Party that I am looking forward to checking out soon. Dune is one of my all time favorite games and I haven’t had a chance to play it in quite a while.

In addition to those games, I picked up a couple of party games to add to my How to Party Like a Gamer list: Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow and Quelf. And just in case all that wasn’t enough Matt (who has commented here a couple times and is in my Scion game) tells me that the copy of Pandemic he ordered for me for my birthday (it sold out and was really hard to find for a while) should be in this coming weekend. And then there is Dungeons and Dragons 4th which also comes out this weekend and of which another friend, Tom, has secured a copy for me. Oh and the Arkham Horror Expansion: Kingsport Horror is due anytime now as well and I have a copy of that pre-ordered.

With all this stuff to check out, play, review and talk/write about I almost feel like I might go into overload. So, expect some articles about the above things, as well as about some things I haven’t mentioned, in the next couple weeks.

    Scott Says:

    I too will often find myself with bursts of new games to try. Often the challenge for me is to remember to go back later and bring out an older game that was fun but fell by the wayside to make room for tides of new stuff.

    Currently in my group we’re trying to rotate through games, giving each at least two weeks to prove (or re-prove) itself before it goes out of the spotlight. Seems to be working so far.