Some Fun and Interesting Stuff I Think People Should Check Out

I’ve been considering doing this post for a long time and finally just decided to go for it. I don’t expect my opinion matters to too many people all that much but I still thought it might be fun to throw together a list of sites that I think people should check out. When a friend of mine e-mailed me today and asked if I had any sites for him to look at so that he wouldn’t be bored at work I thought this would be a good time to do it. Most of them are at least slightly geek-related, so while this post is a bit off topic it still doesn’t feel completely out of place to me.


I love funny music. It’s sort of been a passion of mine for a long time. I expect most of you have heard of Weird Al but there are a number of other humorous musicians out there and thus there are some pretty funny sites you can you check out. Also, most of the sites below allow you to listen to their music for free!

Jonathan Coulton is first on my list. You may know him as the guy that wrote the song from Portal or from the numerous WoW videos that have been made for a couple of his songs. He has been around for a few years now and has really become the epitome of geek rock music (even though his music is kind of folk and not really rock).

I have to admit I didn’t know who Paul and Storm were until I saw them open for Jonathan Coulton a year ago. Their music isn’t quite as geek-centric as Jo Co’s but they are still quite funny.

The Fump is a wacky little site that has all sorts of funny music on it (“funny music” being the FU in Fump). If you like funny music this gives you a taste of a number of different artists.

You should also check out Luke Ski. He doesn’t do the free music thing but he’s kind of a Weird Al for geeks since unlike Jo Co he is all about parodies.


I’m not the biggest web comic fan in the world but I figured while I was linking things I would talk about the few I read.

Order of the Stick doesn’t really need a mention from me but since I do read it and I think it is very well done, here it is.

Penny Arcade probably needs the attention even less than Order of the Stick, but I’m a fan of it as well so here you go.

I think everyone should also check out Doonesbury but I know the political bent of it isn’t for everyone.

The last one I have is called Big Stick. It’s old at this point and there doesn’t seem to be any new comics coming but if you like Dungeons and Dragons humor give it a shot.


Whenever I do a search for Dungeons and Dragons tools Dungeons and Dragons Tools and DM Resources pops up. Seems like a good source for all sorts of stuff.

You can find all sorts of Scion info or at least links to get to that info right here at Pair O’ Dice Games.

I came across Dungeon Crafter a few weeks ago and actually wrote a post on it that got deleted. Then things got busy and I never bothered rewriting it. It’s a decent program but I wish the maps could be bigger. Also you kind of need to transfer the map into Paint or some other program to finish it. Still it’s worth checking out until the official one becomes available from D&D Insider.

News… Sort Of

Have you ever wondered if an urban legend was real or not? Wonder no more. Go find out at Snopes. It can also be a very valuable resource for making modern role playing stories and I have found it to be excellent inspiration a time or two.

I also love going to Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird. It’s amazing how many crazy things are happening in the world.

What Sites Do You Find Cool?

I encourage people to add their own links in the comments section. Heck, just add a link to your own blog if you want!


    Over at Transitive Property of Gaming RB had this nifty post about an ancient roman D20. You should check it out just for the picture.


    I’m not certain what to think of this but it does fall into the “Check it out” category. It’s called Fungeon and it interested me.


    One more for the list.

    Studies About Fantasy Role-Playing Games, just in case you want to look any of these up.

    David Says:

    Another good site is Keith Baker’s LiveJournal page. He’s quite activate and has some very useful insights into D&D and roleplaying in general. Oh and btw he is the creator of the D&D setting Eberron.


    Metaplace is neat, if you’re interested in game development (literally your own development using tools and hosting by these guys); the web app/system itself doesn’t appear to have made it to open beta yet though. But they have some good blog posts on occasion, president Raph Koster is a gaming luminary.


    In Comics, Bob the Angry Flower is like Calvin & Hobbes on crack; just make sure to look at the older stuff which in my opinion trumps the newer, tall format comics. Mr. Notley makes some great gaming and geek references too.


    Also Looking for Group is a fantasy D&D/WoW sort of comic with great art (and one fantastically evil warlock party member).


    From cool and weird tech news to game ideas and character inspiration in Shadowrun or another cyberpunk setting, Rob Boyle’s bookmarks is a great place to check out (Rob has been responsible for leading something like the last decade of Shadowrun).


    According to Dumpshock Rob Boyle is stepping down. He has been doing Shadowrun for about ten years and Peter Taylor is taking over for him.


    That’s right; the full announcement came a couple months back (looks like Dumpshock links it too of course).

    Rob’s done a fantastic job over the years, and here’s to hoping Peter Taylor continues doing an equally fine job in the lead.

    By the way, for any Shadowrun fans who aren’t already familiar with it, Dumpshock is the unofficial official forum for Shadowrun, recommended.


    Nick sent me this article. It’s basically parody of gamers, having them discuss a cook book in the way they discuss game books.


    Since no one else has linked to it I feel I should put up a link to Dr. Horrible. In case you are the one geekish person in the world that hasn’t heard about it, Dr. Horrible is a 44 minute musical made by Joss Whedon about a super villain played by NPH.

    Hulu – Which is what I usually watch it on

    Official Site


    I should mention that I have watched Dr. Horrible about twenty times already and my wife has decided I am going as Dr. Horrible for Halloween. So… it’s safe to say I’m a big fan.


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