The State of My Gaming Life: 2009

Just over a year ago I wrote a post that I called The State of My Gaming Life. It was basically a rundown of all the gaming I was doing at the time. Honestly it was pretty self indulgent and rather pointless but kind of fun to write and neat to look back upon.

My goal is to continue this annual posting so that I (and others if they so desire) can look back and see what has changed and so that those who wish to understand a bit more about me as I write about other topics have this information available to them.

Role Playing Games

Currently I am only running one RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. While D&D was never my favorite game I am very much enjoying the 4th Edition of it that in my opinion corrected many of the mistakes of the past as well as built a more dynamic and tactical combat system. My players have just reached 13th level and thus are nearing the midway point of the chronicle. I think they too have enjoyed the game system and hopefully have enjoyed the game.

Along the 4th Edition lines, Eberron will soon be released in its 4th Edition form. I know I would at some point like to run a game in that world but it does pose some issues as my current group has six players and I would rather my Eberron game be more capable of focusing on character development and less on hacking and/or slashing. With six players character development is problematic. Still, I like the game I am currently running and it could easily last another year if we decide to complete the full story, so it hardly seems worth worrying that much about what will come next at this point.

I’m also still interested in Eclipse Phase (if it ever gets around to getting released). Of course, I am uncertain if I want to try to run two RPGs at the same time again, it often ends up hurting both games.

Board Games

Recently things have been pretty insane in the board game department. Since the beginning of the year Shogun, El Grande, Android, Alhambra, Agricola, and Last Night on Earth have been added to our rotation.

More recently several other games have been added, mostly as gifts to me for my birthday and they include Battlestar Galactica, Memoir ’44, Galaxy Trucker, Small World, It’s Alive, and Cosmic Encounter. Some of these games have only been played a couple times as they are fairly new but all seem as though they will have a place in the rotation. I should also mention that some games like Pandemic still see occasional play and Dominion will certainly see more play once the expansion comes out. Race for the Galaxy still sees regular play even as we wait for the expansion.

Recently when it comes to board games I have been working to find games that will fit certain niches. I mentioned that I missed Chaos in games a few weeks ago and I feel that with the addition of games like Cosmic Encounter and Galaxy Trucker to our group I have managed to scratch that itch. I understand that some people prefer Euro-games to anything that might be kind of chaotic but I know for myself and some others in the group the crazy things that can happen in a game are what often make them fun.

Game Design

Well, I can’t say I have done much on this since “publishing” Minimum Wage. I have thought about some game ideas and toyed around a bit with rules and concepts but I really have not sat down and gotten too much into any design or other. I wish I could say otherwise but life (and a whole bunch of new games) has gotten in the way.

Other Things

I don’t really play Magic Online much anymore, save an occasional game when I am bored early in the morning (I am not bored very often lately, I assure you). To go along with this I have recently canceled both my World of Warcraft account and the Warhammer Online account I opened when the Lich King WoW expansion got stale so quickly. While I liked both these games I simply fell away from them with all the board gaming I was doing and the fact that they required such an intense time commitment in order to feel worthwhile.

I have just finished listening Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel, Pygmy. It was certainly a trip and I have to say I was glad to be listening to it as opposed to reading the broken English that it is written in. A bit ago I read (actually, again “listened to” as I am in the car two hours a day) The Steel Remains which is the first fantasy novel I have read in who knows how long. It was graphic and intense but I loved it.

I have recently begun work on my BGG Profile. While I dislike rating games I do acknowledge how useful a numbered rating can be especially in regards to things like BGG and thus I have finally broken down and given ratings to the games that I own or play a lot. My ratings for these games related to the system I use here as generally speaking a Buy It rating here will be a 9 or a 10 on BGG. I plan to talk a bit more about this at some point in the future but for now if you really wish to see how I have “numbered” games you can check it out over there as I will not be listing numbers on this blog.

I don’t have every game I own listed as “owned” yet and some of the games I have listed as “owned” are technically not mine but rather just reside at my house but I doubt the games’ actual owners will ever make a BGG Profile and thus I don’t feel too bad about this minor technical modification of the truth.

The Wrap Up

This again concludes my gratuitous About Me piece that I call The State of My Gaming Life. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below!


    On the topic of reading, I have enjoyed a few Palahniuk novels recently, and may get a couple more next time my “to be read” shelf gets low. A co-worker recommended the horror novel House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, another potential addition to the pile.