The Dice Tower Gaming Awards

The Dice Tower has announced their Gaming Awards for 2008 and I wanted to comment on them briefly.

While Agricola has dipped slightly in my estimations I still see it as a pretty solid game and of course it is one of the nominees for Game of the Year. (I personally feel there are a couple flaws with it – mostly that some strategies are simply better than others, which for me limits the fun – but I can certainly see that it is a solid game.) The others are Battlestar Galactica, Dominion, Pandemic, and Stone Age.

While all of these are amazing games (well, I haven’t played Stone Age as it is the only one I do not own) I have to say the one I am enjoying the most currently is Battlestar while the one I was most struck by when first playing was certainly Dominion. For what it is Pandemic too is an amazing game but I feel it has some limitations as far as replayability is concerned.

Under the category of Most Innovative they have Android, Battlestar Galactica, Dominion, Snow Tails and Space Alert. I only own the first three games but I have been looking at both Snow Tails and Space Alert (mind you neither are readily available at the moment). The first three are all very interesting in there way but I would say the award should go to either Dominion or BSG. Android is a really cool game but I think the others simple feel more sleek.

Which games do you think should win or which games do you think should or should not have been nominated? Sound off below!