The State of My Gaming Life

This is fluff. It’s so absolutely, completely, and amusingly fluff that it hardly needs to be read or looked at or edited or posted and it certainly doesn’t need to be written. Of course I have already written it and gone ahead and posted it so well… go ahead and waste your time reading it if you want to. But you are wasting your time. I mean, at least I warned you. It’s not like they had an announcement like this at the beginning of In the Name of the King that politely informed you that you were wasting your time. At least I am being nice about it.

Actually, it does serve some purpose. I find that knowing a writer can help me enjoy books and many people love watching director (or writer or producer or whatever) commentary on their special edition DVDs. Think of this as a brief look into me that you might be able to refer to as you look at some of the other things I have posted.

Still, it’s pretty much useless fluff.

Role Playing Games

Currently I am running a Scion game. If you read this blog at all regularly you know this already but I wanted to be thorough (or at least briefly mention everything in a slightly whimsical manner that will keep people reading this post even though they really should go and do something else more valuable with their time) and it is the role playing game I am currently running. I like the game, even though it is just getting started and while the system leaves a lot to be desired the concepts are fun and my players seem to be enjoying it.

I am also looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition coming out. I’m not sure when or if I will run a D&D game but the new rules interest me and I will certainly read through them and discuss them here. If I do end up running a game I will probably post information about it as well. Interesting since D&D tends to be much more about encounters, that will probably be what those posts amount to. Of course, I also tend to make up a lot of my own monsters and items and such and people might find that interesting as well. Interesting at least compared to this silly excuse for a post!

Other than Scion and looking forward to D&D I’m not doing too much else with RPGs. I saw that there is a new Shadowrun book out that I want to pick up at some point, since I do hope to go back to Shadowrun eventually but that game seems a long way off. One of the problems I will always have is that I want to run so many games but never have time for them all.

Board Games

I love board games. Don’t you? I mean, sitting down at a table with a group of friends and rolling dice or drawing cards and killing each other and then getting really mad at each other and having a bunch of shouting matches while the rest of the group complains abut how poorly they are doing because of bad die rolls and bad luck and then getting into a rules debate that is essentially pointless but one jerk seems to think that the fine point of it needs to be hammered out even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the current situation and then when the game is finally over the guy that complained about losing the most comes out ahead and everyone kind of looks at that person and sighs as they pick up sometimes discussing the cool parts of the game but more often than not just looking forward to putting the game back on a really high shelf so that hopefully no one sees it the next time the group decides to play a game. I love board games.

My group really isn’t that bad but some of us (I would be said jerk who argues pointless rules and am occasionally a big complainer during the game – though I am working on both these things) do have problems just enjoying games. Because of this we tend to lean toward less zero-sum-oriented games and sometimes play cooperative games.

I’ve been meaning to do a post about Arkham Horror. It’s not my favorite game but it is fun when you just want something rather meaningless to do while hanging with friends and since it is a co-op game it is safe from arguments. There is a new expansion coming out fairly soon that I have pre-ordered and I will probably pick the game back up for a while when that arrives.

I have mentioned History of the World a lot. It tends to be one of our fall back games. It’s fairly long but generally entertaining from beginning to end. It really is one of my favorite games of all time I think and so even though I have played it a lot I still look forward to playing it. What’s interesting is that I got Risk 2210 a while back and we played the heck out of it and then later I got History of the World and we hardly played it. These days Risk 2210 is practically taboo while History of the World sees play time often (lately at least every other week).

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Pandemic. Pandemic is also a co-op game, this one about diseases trying to wipe out the world and you trying to stop them. I’ve heard good things about it but it has been sold out at my local store as well as several online stores I have gone to for over a month now.

I guess I can include Heroscape here, though it’s not quite a board game. I haven’t played it in a couple weeks, since I took down the board and haven’t had the energy to put it back together. Heroscape (or at least the Quests variation of it… which I have modified into a version I call Missions and will hopefully post info on here at some point) is another of my favorite games. It’s basically a war game but it has a lot of personality and it’s fast moving and mostly fun. The main problem with it is that the board does take between two and four hours to put together, even with more than one person working on it and coming up with that kind of time isn’t always easy.

Magic: The Gathering

I haven’t been playing as much Magic recently as I was a few months back. Shadowmoor really didn’t impress me and while I keep meaning to grab some cards and play around with it in some kind of casual environment, other things have taken priority. I still play online a bit, a couple drafts a week usually on weekends but since Magic Online III came out and also didn’t impress me I have been finding other things to do with my time. Magic Online III is improving as it goes so I decided not to write a scathing report of its inadequacies but rather just let it lie for now. Hopefully by the time Shadowmoor makes it online the game will have improved.

Game Design

I haven’t put too much effort into game design lately unless you count the chronicle design for my Scion game. Minimum Wage (a fun and silly card game I hope to release for free download here at some point) is still floating around in the back of my head. The problem is it needs a fairly major overhaul and I haven’t gotten around to doing it. To coincide with this Nick (my co-designer on this project) is working on some artwork for the cards as we would like to make it look a bit nicer before we “release” it.

I have also been kicking around an idea for a History of the Galaxy game (that uses a lot of the History of the World rules) but I have not spent too much time on that either.

Other Things

I play World of Warcraft and will admit this takes up some of my free time. My wife and I have also been catching up on the show Lost. I direct the local Rocky Horror Picture Show group and that takes a bit of time I suppose and of course taking care of and playing with my rats takes up my time as well. Still I don’t think that any one thing (even gaming) should take up all of anyone’s time.

As far as books go I am reading Invasive Procedures by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston which is every bit as fluff-filled as this post. On the other hand I just finished reading Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, which was incredibly interesting. As for Movies I have recently seen Iron Man (which I surprisingly enjoyed quite a bit) and Cloverfield (which I not so surprisingly was bored and annoyed by).

The Wrap Up

So, that’s about it. Maybe in a year I will do this again as sort of a yearly State of the Union parody. At any rate, I have no idea why anyone would actually have read all that but if you did well, gratz! I guess. Yes that’s right, it never really went anywhere but at least I warned you!

    Matt Says:

    I live next door and know almost all of those things and I still read the post (except for your current book of choice). So what exactly does that say about me 🙂


    That you would rather do ANYTHING than your job?

    Matt Says:

    And your point is? 🙂

    Scott Says:

    Ha. And I edited this [post]… though not too much. 🙂