The Warden and Other Cool New Stuff for Insider Members

I have so many cool things I want to write about but this past weekend ended up being a bit crazier than I had planned. I hope to get back to writing more, including writing reviews for no less than six games that I have either played recently or have recently realized I never got around to reviewing. For today I just wanted to send you over to Wizards where you can check out the newest preview from the Players Handbook 2, the Warden.

After a couple weeks of nothing new being posted (because of the holiday stuff going on, stupid holidays) we have a flurry of posts that have come up today. One of them, the one many people will be most interested in, is the first three levels of the the Warden.

The Warden is a Primal Defender that can change in a manner similar to the Druid but not as often. The Warden seems to only change forms by using daily powers but the change can last until the end of the encounter. What I found most interesting was that the change gives bonuses as well as one special attack to use once during the rest of the encounter. This is a neat way to use daily powers in that the power gives you some advantages for the whole encounter but still lets you make a cool attack once.

The disturbing thing I noticed about Wardens is that they seem to be a far better Defender than any we have seen previously because of their Nature’s Wrath power. It reads:

Once during each of your turns, you can mark each adjacent enemy as a free action. This mark lasts until the end of your next turn.

This would mean that they are able to mark more targets than Fighters, who seem able to generate more marks than Paladins but also are able to mark without attacking which was one of the neat tricks Paladins were able to pull off. I have to wonder if this will be changed. It’s possible that the rest of their powers make up for this ability, for example the Warden does not seem to do as much damage as other Defenders, but if the aim is to protect the rest of your party from harm the Warden simply appears, at a glance, to be better at this than the other options.

So, head over to Wizards if you’re an Insider member and check it out. Otherwise, just keep checking back here. There is plenty to come in the new year including articles about game reviews, an article about reviewing games (hehe) an article about game themes and plenty more!


    The other rather sick ability that the Warden gets allows the character to roll to save against one condition at the beginning of each of their turns. This too seems a bit overpowered and combines with Nature’s Wrath to make the Warden appear to be the best “tank” class in the game.