Thomass Lehmann – Past, Present, Future

I have been thinking of doing a couple posts on game designers and how their designs evolve and such over the years but I just wanted to get this tidbit out here now.

Tom Lehmann is the creator of the very popular Race for the Galaxy, popular in both our game group and in the game populace at large but it turns out that my history with his games goes back a bit further than I would have thought.

A long time ago in a town far far away (well, for Scott anyway… I’m still not that far away) when Scott and I used to play board games together on a regular basis one of the games we played was called Fast Food Franchise. I always liked the game, even if it was a bit of a cool kids’ Monopoly (by “cool kids” I of course mean cool geeky kids that are into board games more complicated than the plebeian Monopoly and its ilk… so… not so cool kids) and it turns out that Fast Food Franchise and another game that I owned, Time Agent were a couple of Tom’s early games.

I wish I owned Fast Food Franchise but that one is Scott’s but I do still have Time Agent and perhaps I will actually get to play a real game of it at some point.

I also noticed today, thanks to Board Game News that Tom is working alongside Pandemic’s original designer Matt Leacock on the expansion entitled Pandemic: On The Brink and I already have mentioned that I am excited about that.

So, that’s just a bit about this designer. He has been around fore a while but it seems that recently he has really come across some great ideas that have hit big and I am very interested to see what he can bring us in the future.


    Sadly I did not own Fast Food Franchise but had it on “extended leave” from my mom, who finally has it back now. It certainly was more interesting than Monopoly, but overall it would probably rank “Try It” rather than a top game in my book. Still, it contained some neat mechanics.

    Cool idea, I like the thought of having some game designer spotlights.