Three More Dominion: Intrigue Cards Revealed

Tric Trac a French online game magazine has posted three more Dominion cards.

The translations below are based on those found at Board Game Geek.

  • Saboteur (5 – Attack)
    All your opponents reveal cards until a card costing 3 or more is revealed. They each trash their last revealed card and can receive a card costing 2 less than the trashed card. The other revealed cards are discarded.
  • Secret Chamber (2 – Reaction)
    Main: Discard as many cards as you want. +1 coin for each discarded card.
    Reaction: When an opponent plays an Attack card, you can reveal this card. If you do, +2 cards, then place 2 cards from your hand on your deck.
  • Wishing Well (3 – Action)
    +1 Card, +1 Action
    Name a card, then reveal the first card of your deck. If it is the named card, place it in your hand.
  • In my opinion the most interesting is Secret Chamber. I had already known about the Reaction portion of the card but seeing the “Main” portion makes the card even more interesting (or perhaps intriguing). I like the fact that it is a new way to protect yourself but that it is also in all ways different from the Moat.

    The value of the other two cards seems a bit harder to judge. The Saboteur provides the playing player no benefit at all and costs five. This card may be good in a layout that has no Moat (the Secret Chamber can possibly help against the Saboteur as well but the Moat certainly seems more effective), but even then playing a card that only hurts other players feels odd.

    On the other hand the Wishing Well feels a bit weak unless there are cards we have not yet seen (besides the Secret Chamber) that allow players to know what is on top of their deck. I suspect that this may be the case.

    Still, these cards are pretty cool and I am very excited about getting my hands on all of them.