Tom Lehmann’s Review of Dominion – An Example of Something I Would Twitter

Scott has been looking into getting Twitter set up on this blog. One of the main reasons I have been asking for it is things like this post. Generally these posts are simply things I have found amusing and thus wanted to share but often don’t because I don’t feel as though they deserve a full “post”.

I was over at Splitting Eights (this reminds me that in addition to Twitter we may also want a place to put solid links to other game blogs) reading a recent post about Dominion and there was a link to the Tom Lehmann Dominion review. The idea of Tom reviewing another designer’s game just made me smile a bit and I thought others would want to check it out. Tom Lehmann of course is the designer of Race for the Galaxy, the other super awesome card game that I got last year.

Anyway, I found this funny and wanted to share it!