Web Games and Something Called Comet

During my web development work I recently came across a new web technology. Ajax? Nope, how about its relative, Comet? So what does this have to do with games, you ask?

For the technically inclined, I have a few more details over at my programming blog. For everyone else, let me express my enthusiasm a bit more simply.

Ajax is a cool web technology, and yet all it really does is send data from your browser back to the server without needing to reload the page. Comet just sends information in the other direction, from server to browser, yet these two things, and the ways in which they operate, combine to make your browser capable of interacting with the server in very useful ways. Really exciting ways, in fact, as these are exactly the sorts of interactions that make a number of games much more feasible to build for the web.

As of right now Comet is still in its infancy, but I foresee a bright future ahead for it, and an equally bright future approaching for games on the web. I intend to explore these exciting possibilities… wish me luck finding the free time to do so.