Werewolf: End of the Line

The Werewolf: The Forsaken game I have been running for a while now came to an end this past Saturday. I think it went fairly well though my wife commented that she felt that there could have been a bit “more”. It’s always hard for me to do these final stories and I wonder if other people have similar problems.

This is how things went down. As you can see under my Outline the main bad guy from the story was The Rail Man who was trapped within an old train depot. Not only is he trying to escape but he wishes to make trains rise again to the importance they once held. To defeat him the players had to first destroy the four train switches that he had been using to gather power (and though it does not mention it in the Outline also were protecting him) and then confront him personally. After discovering The Conductors ban they forced him to show them the location of these switches and defeated the spirit guardians at each location. On their way back into town the players encountered a riot at the church of The One True God but Sheriff Spike (the wolf blooded sheriff who doesn’t really like them but thinks they might be a necessary evil) told them he would take care of it and they should go on. Before reaching the depot the players had their first and only encounter with Butcher of Angels. He looked at them menacingly but then let them pass without incident. This was meant as a nod toward a sequel story but that story may not be told for a while. The final battle was rather short with The Rail Man demanding that he be aloud to finish what he had started and the players letting him speak only briefly before they destroyed him and the depot, burning it to the ground.

The Outline says that the guardians of the switches are train spirits but as the story went on I felt that trains (while a focus to be sure) were popping up a little too often so I changed the sprits to steel spirits. I only mention this because that tends to be how I run games. I set out an idea but I am fairly fluid with it and like to be as flexible as I can to make certain the story comes together in a way that feels right.

I wonder if the end really was too brief but I also feel that leaving the players wanting more is always a good thing. As I am moving on to Scion now there will likely not be any other posts about Werewolf for a bit. I liked the game a lot, though I do feel that the new World of Darkness has a flawed combat system. Honestly I think that the Exalted/Scion branch of the Storyteller rules has done a superior job with combat but I understand that, for the most part, The World of Darkness is not meant to be about combat. The problem I have with this is that Werewolf is a game about hunting and killing things and combat is going to come up eventually and it seems as though they could have put a little more time into it than they did.

So, in conclusion, look for more Scion info to pop up here in the next coming weeks!


    Some of my players also commented that Werewolf is a little silly in that you are told to make an interesting character and then add the werewolf template. This resulted in most of them being completely inept at fighting as only one of them made a character with any training that made brawl make sense. Any other WoD players out there found this to be discouraging?